Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Most of the favorites won in week four, so it was a generally good week for prognosticators, except for ones who picked the Vikings to upset the Falcons in Atlanta (Tice pick, Dan). Kevin's faith in the Saints finally came through, but his lesser-of-two-evils choice of the 49ers fell short. Everyone missed the Chargers' upset over the Patriots and the Jaguars' loss to Denver, but everyone did correctly have Baltimore, Tampa, Carolina, Indy, and Cincinnati.

The Redskins may be 3-0, but if this were college football, they'd still be ranked 22nd, they've basically beaten UTEP and Central Florida so far, not even convincingly, and we all know they'll start losing when it counts. But still, with them and the Bengals both undefeated, we've been again reminded that truly anything can happen in the NFL on any given Sunday. Except for the Packers winning. They fucking suck. They are truly, deeply horrible. Man, do they suck.

If you're keeping score:

Sean Salisbury: 39-20
Merrill Hodge: 37-22
Ron Jaworski: 36-23
DAN: 35-25
Chris Mortensen: 34-25
Marcus Allen: 32-27
Mike Golic: 31-28
KEVIN: 31-29

It's early. Once Salisbury and Hodge get their concussions and Jaworski chokes on a cheesesteak, we'll shoot right up to the top.


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