Wednesday, September 14, 2005


American Express launched an extensive advertising bombardment during this year’s US Open featuring an exaggeratedly flustered Andy Roddick and the tagline “Have you seen Andy’s mojo?” Unfortunately, Roddick then lost in the first round of the Open to some guy named Gilles Muller from some country named Luxembourg, turning the cute catchphrase into ironic foreshadowing. It was terrible to watch the rest of the Open and continue to see “Andy’s mojo” commercials, a once tongue-in-cheek endeavor unintentionally turned grim reminder, but we went ahead and did some research on precedent for this topic and found that the Roddick ad campaign wasn’t the first to take an awkward turn for the worse. Recall:

Coca-Cola’s 1988 campaign, “Daryl Strawberry can’t get enough coke!”

Staples’ 2002 “Back to school” sale featuring Willis McGahee, Mike Williams, Carmelo Anthony, and Maurice Clarrett

Rafael Palmiero for Flintstones Vitamins, “10 million strong and growing” (2001)

Schick’s 1996 campaign featuring Michael Westbrook: “I can’t get cut while I’m shaving with Schick!”

Boston Market’s 1986 campaign, “I’m Bill Buckner and I eat at Boston Market.”

Coca-Cola’s 1989 campaign, “Lawrence Taylor can’t get enough coke!”

Mitch Williams for Capital One Savings, declaring “Of course we'll save it, why wouldn't we?” (1992)

Kobe Bryant for Tag Body Spray: “Consider yourself warned” (2003)

Snuggle fabric softener’s 1999 campaign, “Snuggle with Rae Carruth” [arguably, this was ill-fated even before the incident]

American Express’ 1909 campaign, “Have you seen the Cubs’ mojo?”


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