Tuesday, September 20, 2005


We've started a new feature here at Internet Follies (increasing our total number of regular features to 2, the other being not writing shit) where every weekend, we'll make picks for the NFL week on either Friday or Saturday night after 4 am, and compare those to the picks of ESPN's square squad.

Here's how we've fared the first two weeks:

Merrill Hodge: 19-13
DAN: 18-14
Chris Mortensen: 18-14
Sean Salisbury: 18-14
Ron Jaworski: 15-17
Marcus Allen: 15-17
Mike Golic: 14-18
KEVIN: 13-19

Looking through these picks, it is clear who is the drunkest of the bunch. Mike Golic, however, remains far and away the fattest.

Keep reading the blog! Music posts to arrive shortly! And how about some comments, people? Never hurt anyone.


At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

Not even a drunk person could pick the Skins to be 2-0. Unfortunately I did, and parlayed that with a bet on the Vikings.


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