Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Decent week for us with the picks. Though we made our picks independently of one another, we only differed on two games; for the second straight week, Kevin's faith in the Saints was tested, as their ability to warm the nation's hearts continued to exceed their ability to put a defense on the field. Dan picked Green Bay for the third straight week, thinking for the third time, each in increasing loudness, "they can't be that bad!" We also both had Arizona upsetting Seattle, because we agree that Seattle is inconsistent and overrated, but it turns out, Arizona is accurately rated and that rating is "shitty." Regardless, we both pulled out 9-5 weeks, so we're keeping pace with the ESPN bigwigs (their wigs are big).

Sean Salisbury: 30-15
Merrill Hoge: 28-17
DAN: 27-19
Ron Jaworski: 25-20
Marcus Allen: 23-22
Chris Mortensen: 23-22
Mike Golic: 22-23
KEVIN: 22-24

(Everyone on ESPN has one fewer pick than the number of games played. I don't know why, I thought we were the comedy makers!!!)


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