Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Where are they WOW!

This is a new feature on Internet Follies where I'll select an actor from our childhood, remember them and discuss their influence on us. If I'm lucky enough, we'll find out what they're doing now! This is a completely original idea. I am very glad that I thought of this first!

I recently saw the film "Thumbsucker". While I liked the movie, I was haunted by the fact that the actress portraying the character Rebecca could be Becky "The Ice Box" O'Shea all grown up.

I don't have to remind you that The Icebox is the no-nonsense tomboy from Little Giants who makes Gloria Stenheim look like a misogynist. The character was so influential that it helped pass the Equal Rights Amendment. She was momentarily fooled into thinking that she needed to give up her go kart and the dirt on her face for pom poms until she realized that she should have confidence in herself and accept who she is: a dominating middle linebacker with the prowess of Lawrence Taylor and speed of Dwight Freeny trapped in the body of an unattractive 12 year old girl. This little girl and her Little Giants helped make "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" part of our modern lexicon. Could it really be the Icebox?

Could this:

really be that?

I should have known that the Icebox hadn't melted into a hot pool of water with big boobs. The search for the Icebox continued. The character of Rebecca in "Thumbsucker" was played by Kelli Garner. You might remember her as Howard Hughes' young wife Faith Domergue in "The Aviator." You may also know her by her nickname "Tits McGoo."

So what has become of the Icebox? It seems that Becky O'Shea's real name is Shawna Waldron. Following the one-two punch of "Little Giants" and "The American President" that knocked America off its feet, Shawna struggled to find roles as ambitious as The Icebox. Waldron soon quit acting but kept the nickname. She received a full ride to Miami to play middle linebacker and tailback. Registering 3000 tackles and 10,000 yards as a true freshman, Icebox was on pace to shatter every record set in the history of athletic records. However, Waldron rediscovered her passion for the arts. With a heavy heart, she took off her shoulder pads forever and committed herself to "tackling" films instead of people.

Check out Waldron in her upcoming film, "To Kill a Mockumentary." IMDB describes it as "a hilarious mockumentary following a group of mockumentary film makers as they shoot their first studio film." Starring Jason "I was in Mallrats and Dazed and Confused" London and Mickey Rooney(!), this is a must-see. Waldron even co-wrote it. Hopefully Spike doesn't try to ruin this one too!

The Icebox is a lady now


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